It’s All Connected

Swing Catalyst analysis software make up the ecosystem that connects the golfer to the instructor. Instructors are now able to communicate directly with their students, while students can record their own swings and get a detailed swing analysis directly from the instructor.

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Pressure shift and stance.

The pressure distribution accurately depicts which part of your feet is undergoing the focus of your body’s pressure distribution. This means that you can easily spot whether you are leaning too far back, forward, left or right at any part of the swing.
The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate provides an accurate measurement of stance width, calculated from the distance between each foot’s anterior – posterior average.

Center of pressure and swing pattern.

Swing Catalyst calculates the exact CoP throughout the golf swing. The CoP is closely related to the Center of Gravity (CoG), but they are not the same. The live CoP is displayed as a white dot. This pattern is the CoP drawn over the period of a registered swing. As the video is automatically synced with the CoP pattern (even if the bookmarks are not set correctly), you can closely study any subtle movements or inconsistencies while scrolling the video back and forth. This enables the user to pinpoint which sections of a swing show irregularities, with extreme accuracy.

92% of golfers who experience custom fitting with a launch monitor see immediate benefit after buying new clubs.

(Statistic: Foresight Sports)

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